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So you want to host an 80’s theme party–like, oh my gosh, how totally tubular! Whether you enjoyed the 80’s the first time around or you just like living the retro-life, a well planned 80’s party is sure to be a hit.

80’s Theme Party

80s Theme Party | GhostbustersEncourage your guests to dress in their 80’s best. You may even consider having a costume contest to encourage everyone to really get into the spirit of the 80’s style. If you or any guests are in need of inspiration for costumes, just head to your local video store and pick up a copy of a classic 80’s movie such as Sixteen Candles or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Enjoy a movie you likely haven’t seen in a long time and take notes on what to wear. Once you are inspired, head to the local thrift shops to piece together your outfit. Break out your Member’s Only Jacket, tease your hair or pull it into a side pony-tail, and invite 10080s Theme Party | Max Headroom of your closest friends to do the same! Make it clear on the invite you must come in 80’s gear or you are not allowed to enter. No 80’s party would be complete without some trinkets from the decade. Glitter makeup, eye liner, plastic jelly bracelets, bubble gum and cheap sunglasses are perfect favors that can be left on a table for guests to pick up and use immediately to enhance their costumes. Don’t forget the Aqua Net!


The Music

The most important part of any 80s theme party is the music. At Retro DJ to Go, we don’t mess around when it comes to the 80s. Whether you want your traditional mainstream music, or you are looking for the hard core alternative music of the 80s, or even New Wave, we have it all. Music defined the 80s with artists like Depeche Mode, New Order, Poesie Noire, Book of Love, Blondie, Yaz, Wham!, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, and many others… As former club DJs we can bring your 80s club classics to your home or party!

80a80 Theme Party | 80s Theme Party

Disco Theme Party


Disco continues to be a popular theme for private parties. It’s a chance to dress up and be whatever you want with bright colors, big hair, and tight clothes! John Travolta made disco cool in Saturday Night Fever and today everyone still wants to “shake their groove thing” to the tunes of the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Kool and the Gang and many others. You’ve got the iPod fully loaded with songs from the Disco era and you’re ready to throw the ultimate disco theme party. Your friends are itching to pull out their disco attire and join the fun. All you need is a way to hook up your iPod to your stereo system and you’ll be ready to dance the night away – or are you?


Theme Party | Costumes Theme Party | Disco Dancing Theme Party | Disco Theme Party | Disco Diva


A successful disco party involves more than a bunch of friends suffering from Saturday Night Fever and an iPod loaded with disco music. Sure, you could buy a disco ball and set out a few lava lamps but there’s more to it. If you want to have the ultimate 70’s party, get a professional DJ involved, particularly one who specializes in retro events.


Anyone can throw a disco party. If you want to throw an ultimate disco party, collaborate with an expert. We admit it – we’re hopelessly stuck in the 70s and 80s. Let us share our expertise with you and cure your case of Saturday Night Fever once and for all!

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