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Prom CoupleWhether it’s a prom, homecoming, or any other school event the phrase “lights, camera, action!” It isn’t just for Hollywood anymore. High school events like prom have evolved from a simple get together in the school gym to the most highly anticipated event of the entire school year. Months of planning and hard work culminate in an exciting event that remains forever as a treasured memory in the minds of all who attend. Mention the word ‘prom’ or ‘homecoming’ to any high school student and you’ll be conjuring up images not far from the glamorous Hollywood parties that inundate television shows and glossy magazines. It’s not unusual to see students donning designer couture, stepping out of limousines into function halls decorated to the nines with the latest trends – couches to lounge on, LED lighting effects under tabletops, even freestanding waterfalls are not out of the question today.

Prom DJ supplies video to coffee tables Prom DJ helps with decorations

Retro DJ to Go Prom DJs get Hands In The Air


The prom DJ can help with stylish decorations including ambiance lighting. Only the best prom DJs can pack the dance floor the entire night and keeping students at the prom should be a primary goal for prom organizers: While at the prom, parents and school officials can be assured that their teens are in a protected environment. The fears that parents have associated with prom night for decades – drinking, drug use, car accidents, and teen pregnancy – don’t typically happen at the prom itself but when students leave the prom. Post-prom parties are usually where most of the teen mischief takes place, so organizers are wise to keep students at prom for as long as possible. The right prom DJ can make this happen.

Prom DJ plays a slow dance Prom DJ and Students Going CrazyProm DJ lights up the roomProm DJ with Video


Prom DJ with Video

Prom DJ gets hands in the air

 A new trend in today’s proms are proms with video! The term “VJ” was born in the MTV era, when purveyors of music videos dropped the name “disc jockey” in favor of “video jockey.” Today, VJs are a common part of nightclubs, playing video while they play music. Videos can include MTV-style music videos that teens already know and love, but they can also include a multimedia show combining lights, images, and sounds. VJs are the latest innovation in the clubs, and proms with a professional VJ will prove to be an unforgettable night of music, dancing, and fun.


Live bands are out; rare is the prom that includes a live band these days, and teens know it. Professional DJs and VJs are in. Considering that teens and their parents will be spendiProm DJs NO BANDSng a small fortune on things like tuxedos, dresses, hair and makeup, limos, and restaurants, doesn’t it make sense for prom organizers to make sure the entertainment is also up to expectation?


Prom organizers shouldn’t procrastinate be sure to book your VJ / DJ well in advance of the next prom season. Retro DJ to Go takes your school events very seriously. They must be fun and safe, and we pride ourselves on ensuring your dance floor is packed the entire night!

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